Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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I become rather impatient with Blog or Facebook comments that tells me about a specific feeling or event (like being bored at work) at a specific time in someone's journey.   So it's against my better judgment at what I am about to say!

But..............I just finished watching Dr. OZ's program on ABC.  OMG!  That program is loaded with information!

Today, Dr. Oz reviewed the progress that a young couple is making on their weight loss journey over the past month.   You know, the usual lifestyle changes that are required for successful weight loss; food choices, portion control and exercise.  

Dr. Oz 'upped the ante' on the couple for the next month.   He handed the young women a set of 5# weights and asked her to do 20 arm lifts with the weights above her head every hour, every day, for the next month.  He stated that if you didn't have the availability of the weights you could do 20 pushups standing against the end of your desk or 20 arm pushups in your chair (raising your bottom off the seat of the chair) every hour.   The point was doing 20 reps of some activity every hour!

Of course, we know the outcome.   Her weight loss will increase.  And the audience will applaud as Dr. Oz gives them kudos on their successful progress..

I want some of  that success!

I just finished my 20 reps with my arms over my head with a can of  kidney beans in each of my hands.   Each can weighs 1#14oz.  Since I haven't been excercising for ages that's a good start.    I'll either replace the bean cans after I make chili this week or graduate to half gallon milk jugs filled with H20.   I have a Weight Watchers scale that I'll use to help determine the weight of the milk jugs.  (I have all the tools for successful weight loss!)

The timer on the stove has 40 some minutes left until the next round of arm lifts.  (I wonder how much I can get done in the kitchen during that time, too.)   Reducing the amount of fat waving from upper arms and getting the kitchen cleaned up. What more got I ask for!!! (tehe)

I'll keep you updated on my progress.   (I promise.......no comments on being bored!) 

Living a WOO HOO life together!

'Til next time.   Believe.

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